Terms and Conditions


Whilst every effort is made to provide a quick turn-around service, Motoweb SA and it’s resellers are not responsible for delivery delays by 3rd party suppliers or misuse of product.

Quality information:

Please read manufacturer installation instructions carefully. Any faulty items must be returned in original packaging and original condition, within 30 days of purchase by registered mail, or to your participating retailer, for the purchaser's account. Product will then be assessed for replacement with the identical product purchased originally. Our products are manufactured to the highest quality ISO 9001 standards and are designed for use as comfort aides. Product found to be improperly used, or not in original condition will be returned to the purchaser, plus costs of postage for purchaser's account. Should the product purchased be out of stock, this will be replaced as soon as new stock is available.


  • Results not guaranteed; Individual results may vary.
  • Motoweb products are comfort relief products and are not designed for use in off road and rigorous riding conditions.
  • Ensure that your seat is correctly tensioned and fastened and check tensioners, clips and grips regularly before setting off.
  • When travelling, always plan regular breaks and stretch your limbs to encourage better blood flow. SeatSaint and Grip-Up are reliable comfort aides and are recommended for proper use in-conjunction with regular breaks and rehydration.
  • Discontinue use if sensations of discomfort occur when using Motoweb products.
  • Properties of GEL cause it to feel cooler than ambient temperature.
  • Keep product away from fire, including cigarettes. Gently clean stains using a moist towel and allow to dry in a well ventilated, shaded area.
  • Exposure to sunlight may cause discolouration of cover.
  • Motoweb and its agents are not liable for any claims of discomfort or personal injury, caused by improper use of products, (including use of product for improper application) or improper installation, accidental damage or alteration made to any of our products, whatsoever.
  • Other than information listed above, there are no other warranties, expressed or implied.